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    全部 啟蒙英語英語影視英語繪本英語教材教案
    • Don’t Go Swimming...原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Don’t Go Swimming...原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Don’t Go Swimming...原版英文小故事內容: Pete had lived in Florida for 20 years. A boring 20 years, he often thought. His house was only a 10-minute walk from the Gulf. He walked to the sandy white beach almost every day. Bob’s Liquors was at the corner, halfway to the beach. It was the only store within a mile. It sold cold beer and cigarettes, which were the only two things that intereste

    • The Park That Went to...原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      The Park That Went to...原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      The Park That Went to...原版英文小故事內容: When Winnie and Arnold bought their house at the end of a cul-de-sac in 1980, they thought they had died and gone to heaven. There were only four houses on the street. Between their house and their neighbor’s house was a dirt pathway. The path led to a city-owned dog park, where dog owners could let their dogs run free. But there was no parking l

    • Can You Spare a Carburetor原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Can You Spare a Carburetor原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Can You Spare a Carburetor原版英文小故事內容: Daniel needed a new carburetor for his car. Well, not a new one. A new one would cost at least $250. Even a rebuilt one would cost about $110. The cheapest thing to do was to go to a salvage yard. California has about 50 salvage yards. Most of them are in southern California. The yards range in size from 10 acres to 70 acres, holding anywhe

    • 英語日記關于日常生活帶翻譯

      英語日記關于日常生活帶翻譯 英語日記關于日常生活帶翻譯一 Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and refreshments. We ate, talked and laughed. We felt that we were the happiest men in the world.Time passed quickly. In a twinkl

    • Golf Like a Girl原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Golf Like a Girl原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Golf Like a Girl原版英文小故事內容: He was in his 60s. He was short, fat, and arrogant. He was the plant manager, the supervisor, the boss! His name was Tom. He relished every minute of his power. He yelled at the employees. He called them names. He smoked daily, even though it was against the law to smoke in the workplace. He didn’t care. As the license plate on his car said, he was The B

    • Take Me Out to the Ball Game原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Take Me Out to the Ball Game原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Take Me Out to the Ball Game原版英文小故事內容: Ralph and Ilene hadn’t been to a baseball game in about five years. They were only 15 miles from the stadium, but the heavy traffic on game day made those 15 miles seem more like 60 miles. It took about an hour to get to the stadium. Then, when the game was over, it took half an hour just to get out of the parking lot. Then the drive home was

    • Take This Job and Shove It原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Take This Job and Shove It原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Take This Job and Shove It原版英文小故事內容: Maxwell had not held a steady job in almost two years. Today was a big day, because he was going to a job interview that he felt good about. The secretary he had talked to on the phone sounded friendly and encouraging. Maxwell was a typist. His fingers danced on the keyboard. However, his people skills were not nearly as good as his typing

    • Where Did That Book Go原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Where Did That Book Go原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Where Did That Book Go原版英文小故事內容: Samuel was back at the thrift shop. He had walked into the shop with only one goal in mind—to find a book that he had NOT bought yesterday. The book was one of seven that he had piled up yesterday. He was going to buy all of them. But at the last moment, he changed his mind. He put all seven back on the shelf. Samuel had a personal library at

    • World Holidays繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      World Holidays繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 People all over the world celebrate holidays rich in traditions. Celebrations include preparing and eating food, playing games, and telling stories. In this informational text, students learn about seven holidays from around the world and how each one is celebrated. 世界各地的人們都會慶祝有著豐富傳統的節日。 慶?;顒影蕚浜统允澄?、玩游戲和講故事。 在這本信息性文本中,學生將了解來自世界各地的七個假期以及每個假期的慶祝方式。

    • Woods of Wonder繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      Woods of Wonder繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 Old-growth forests are interesting and unique ecosystems. Developing over hundreds or thousands of years, these forests are home to the largest trees on Earth as well as other plants and animals that can be found nowhere else. Read to find out where these forests exist and about a few of the animals that live in them. Book and lesson are also available at Levels

    • Wonderful Winter繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      Wonderful Winter繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 Wonderful Winter is a story about Elton, who enjoys being outside and is unhappy that winter has come. He is sad that he cannot swim, hike, or ride his bike anymore. It seems as though nobody can talk him out of his grumpiness until his next-door neighbor, Penelope, invites him to play in the snow with her. He realizes that snowshoeing, sledding, and building sn

    • William Shakespeare繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      William Shakespeare繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers who ever lived. His ability to write about the depth of shared human experience is said to be unmatched. In William Shakespeare, students are introduced to the fascinating life of and body of work created by this extraordinary writer. The book can also be used to teach students how to distinguish fact

    • Vampire Dentist繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      Vampire Dentist繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 In Vampire Dentist, even monsters are scared to go to the dentist! When Louie the vampire complains about a toothache, his butler insists he see a dentist. At first, Louie refuses, but when he finds out he can't have any Halloween candy if he doesn't go, he faces his fears. This is a great choice for the Halloween season: a fun story with silly cartoons, and a d

    • Your Health原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Your Health原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Your Health原版英文小故事內容: Hannah’s daddy was a teacher who barely made enough money to raise his six kids. Hannah wore hand-me-downs from her older sisters. For Christmas she usually got used dolls and books. As a child, she yearned to have the beautiful clothes, cars, and homes that she often saw on TV and in magazines. Several years after she graduated from college, she became p

    • ‘New Car‘ Smell原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      ‘New Car‘ Smell原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      ‘New Car’ Smell原版英文小故事內容: Dylan’s car was 20 years old, but the faded paint made it look even older. His friend Joe told him no girl would ever go out in a car that looked like that. So Dylan took the car to a paint shop and got it painted dark blue for only $200. He was very pleased with the new look. The car stereo did not work. Joe told him that no girl wanted to be in a car wi

    • Valentine's Day繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      Valentine's Day繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 None of the Hoppers except for Snubby Nose seem to know why February 14th is a special day. The other Hoppers wonder what the big day is all about until they find their presents from Cupid. Snubby Nose is missing on Valentine's Day, but he comes home with a surprise for Grandpa Grizzly.. 除了 Snubby Nose 之外,Hoppers 似乎都不知道為什么 2 月 14 日是一個特殊的日子。 其他料斗想知道重要的一天是什么

    • United Arab Emirates繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      United Arab Emirates繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 Explore this fascinating Middle Eastern country with your students as they learn about United Arab Emirates' people, land, history, and significant landmarks. 與您的學生一起探索這個迷人的中東國家,了解阿拉伯聯合酋長國的人民、土地、歷史和重要地標。 RAZ按難度分為27個級別,AA—C這4個級別對應幼兒園階段; D—J這7個級別對應美國小學一年級;K—P這6個級別對應美國小學二年級;Q—T這4個級別對應美國小學三年級;U—W這3個級別對應美國小學四年級;X—Z對應美國小學五六年級(相當于國內高中畢業)。 而且它的區

    • Rich Man Invites Poor Student原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載
      Rich Man Invites Poor Student原版英文小故事MP3音頻免費下載

      Rich Man Invites Poor Student原版英文小故事內容: Jodie liked her apartment. She had a beautiful view to the south. A nearby tree was home to two squirrels. She liked to watch them. So did her cat. Mrs. Neely owned the apartment building. She was an old lady who spoke with a thick Norwegian accent. Jodie and Mrs. Neely got along very well. Mrs. Neely said that Jodie reminded her of he

    • Two Thanksgivings繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      Two Thanksgivings繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 Curtis and his mom travel to Canada in October to visit Uncle Ed and celebrate Thanksgiving. Curtis is confused because he thinks Thanksgiving is in November. As they prepare and eat Thanksgiving dinner, Uncle Ed tells Curtis and his mom about the traditions surrounding Canada's Thanksgiving celebration. Students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast

    • Two Make Twins繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載
      Two Make Twins繪本PDF+MP3百度云免費下載

      適合年齡 8歲左右 繪本簡介 Twins may look similar or enjoy the same things, but every twin is a unique individual. Two Make Twins introduces students to the different types of twins and the special bond they share. This book can also be used to teach students how to compare and contrast as well as to ask and answer questions to better understand the text. The book and lesson are also avai